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Get ahead of rising costs. Change your approach to benefits & make data-driven decisions.



  At Benefit Commerce Group, we are EXCEPTIONAL at designing benefit services for your programs – fully-insured, partially and self-funded health plans, HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, CDHPs, Group Life, Disability, Dental, Vision and more, in addition to a full suite of administration, employee communications and compliance services. But at BCG, it is more about Our Approach. Our benefit services are designed to help you develop a real strategy for your benefit program, just as you do for other major investments in your business.  Our benefit services are designed to be strategic sustainable solutions that align benefit programs on a long-term basis with our clients’ organizational objectives, company culture and budget needs.

STRATEGY Assist clients in creating, integrating and executing on proven benefit and wellness strategies that help them succeed.


If we could sum up BCG services with one word, it would be strategy.  From our initial consultation with you, and from the word GO, strategy is applied across the entire spectrum of your benefit programs to bring innovative plan design, cost management and real savings for both employer and employee.



  • -Maximize benefits value for your employees and their families
  • -Align economic incentives to create a win-win for employer/employee
  • -Establish and reward healthcare consumerism
  • -Establish and maintain effective employee communication

Plan designs and premiums


  • -Employee and employer contribution strategies
  • -Cost controls and future initiatives
  • -Strategies in response to Healthcare Reform
  • -Wellness and disease management
  • -Consider CDHPs and/or self-funding

Annual renewal process


  • -Strategy for cost control (short & long term)
  • -Mid-year renewal projection (preliminary budget planning and carrier evaluation)
  • -Complex renewal evaluation (after receiving carrier renewal proposals)
  • -Strategies for marketing your plan to carriers
  • -Renewal negotiation
  • -Final negotiation and selection of vendors

Benefit Commerce Group has strong relationships with all the major health insurance companies and industry vendors, and we will leverage those and other vendor relationships to benefit your organization.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Proactive services that put you in charge of your benefits and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Project Management

Benefit Commerce Group has a disciplined Process/Project Management system that supports several service areas of BCG, ensuring that your benefit programs are implemented and maintained properly. We stay up-to-date with your needs and remain proactive for you, rather than reactive.

As your advocate, our team is available to you on a daily basis to answer questions and to provide support and advice.  Be assured that behind the scenes, we are also asserting active quality control over insurers and other vendors, and handling numerous other facets of client management.

Specifically, this includes (but is not limited to):

-Onboarding process including a checklist of components to assure your plans and administration are in place and complete.
-Periodic employee meetings to educate, answer questions, and help with issues.
-Assistance with escalated claims or any other questions employees may have.
-Assistance in resolving any administrative issues and questions.
-Negotiate expectations and standards with insurance carriers.
-Review and facilitate resolution of any billing discrepancies.
-Assist in providing required data to software providers for maintaining HRIS or benefit administration software.
-Review plan documents, service agreements and certificates of coverage for alignment with purchased proposals.

IMPLEMENTATION Well defined implementation plan for engaging and empowering your employees in your health and wellness programs.


Our Process/Project Management program is an area of distinction for Benefit Commerce Group. Proactive planning and open lines of communication are both central to the success of new plan implementation and new client onboarding.

-Plan implementation focuses on tracking and assuring timely and accurate implementation of your benefit programs, utilizing an annual calendar of activities, regularly scheduled meetings, documented to-do lists and tasks, milestones and priorities.

-Client onboarding for new clients includes employer confirmation report, new group questionnaire, onboarding flow chart, milestone list, calendar view and task list with dates and notes.

During the planning and implementation period, there are frequent meetings and communications to complete the strategy, transition and set-up.

COMMUNICATION Support to engage employees and help them become educated healthcare consumers.


At Benefit Commerce Group, we believe that an important role as your benefit consultant is to provide pertinent, informative and useful communication to both you and your employees about your benefit programs.

For employees, we strive to help them navigate an increasingly complex healthcare system, and motivate them to become educated consumers of their own healthcare.

How do we do it?  First, we foster an open communication policy with our clients that allows us to respond, rather than react. We believe employee open enrollment sessions are more than just sign-the-form meetings. We focus on:

-What we are doing
-Why we are doing it
-How does it impact me (the employee)

We provide employee communications assistance and service that includes:

-Open enrollment presentations
-Benefit plan brochures
-Employee communication letters and email messaging
-Wellness program promotional materials

New mobile app technology and messaging support — This new service will help you communicate with your employees about their benefits on an immediate and user-friendly basis. Employers using this technology achieve greater employee satisfaction and easy access to information and contacts that employees can use.

The advantages to implementing the mobile app include:

  • Engagement
    – Interaction with employees on a direct basis
  • Education
    – Health and wellness information and resources
  • Communication
    – Text messages from management, insurance carriers
  • Support/Contacts
    – Click to call for info/questions

For employers, we provide timely communications and compliance alerts on issues relating to your HR and benefit programs such as the ACA, ERISA, COBRA and more.  For specific details, please see our Compliance tab.

DATA ANALYSIS & ACTUARIAL Financial, Actuarial, Claims and Benefits Benchmarking; translating data into actionable information to make business decisions with confidence.

Data Analysis & Actuarial

Are your program structure, plan design and pricing appropriate for your organizational goals and company culture?  Could you be saving money with wellness programs and cost conscious features?

Healthcare is typically the second or third highest expense item for an organization, and healthcare spending increases continue to significantly outpace general inflation.

Central to a good strategy is data analysis which provides you actionable information to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Our Annual Benchmarking Survey gives you access to data that is trusted by top insurers and provides data you need to compare your programs with other employers.


As your advocate, we use data analysis as a negotiating point with the current vendor and with other possible insurers.  We also use data analysis throughout the plan year to measure performance, compare actual vs. forecast, and to review service issues.  We will actively interpret, analyze and recommend solutions based on extensive data analysis.

We will analyze your needs in terms of benefit plans, financial modeling, actuarial analysis, and forecasting. This includes using claims experience and other national data, and conducting a thorough review of current vendors, contracts and pricing.


We conduct our own underwriting, and we rely heavily on analysis from our in-house actuarial team and our affiliation with the world’s largest and most respected actuarial firm.  We are the only benefits firm operating in Arizona to have this unique strategic relationship, which includes an exclusive suite of actuarial and financial analysis reporting, which can include:

-Comprehensive Assessment of Health Plans Report
-Plan Design Analysis
-Mid-Year Renewal Projection
-Renewal Evaluation
-5-Year Projection
-Stop-Loss Analysis
-ACA Employer Impact Report
-Self-Insured Feasibility Analysis
-Merger and Acquisition Assessment Report
-Pharmacy Benefit Manager Evaluation
-Discount Analysis
-BPS: Benefits Positioning System

Additional analysis includes pharmacy analysis, contribution modeling, PPO network analyses, and other competitive analyses.


Through our affiliation agreement with the leading population health firm, we also can provide you with access to reporting that allows us to mine your employees’ claims and biometric data:

  • – on an aggregate basis, to better design programs and efforts to improve the health and well-being of your employees;
  • – on an individual basis, through your health insurance company or other vendor, for targeted engagement in health improvement programs.

This firm has uncovered nearly $2 billion in health savings opportunities for more than 900 employers.

COMPLIANCE & HR SERVICES Keeping you up-to-date on compliance issues and providing daily support for HR services and training.

Compliance & HR Services

As your advocate and partner, we focus on keeping you up-to-date with Health Care Reform and other regulatory requirements, and providing you ready access to HR experts and online HR training programs.

Healthcare Reform and other benefit regulations. We regularly monitor a wide range of news sources and insurance industry resources to compile and condense legislative and regulatory information for our clients.  We distill, summarize and pinpoint the information you need and point out any actions you need to take.

In addition, we provide our clients with a handy reference, our ACA Client Guide, an ACA Readiness Assessment and other materials related to benefits regulation.

HR Services.  All of our clients have direct access – at no additional cost – to the industry’s most trusted compliance and HR solution.  ThinkHR is a cutting edge resource center containing valuable information, templates, and training programs on current employee laws and trends, all relating to managing employees and their benefits programs.

ThinkHR includes:

  • Live Team – Answers to your questions 11 hours a day, often the same day, with Certified HR experts.
  • Comply – Comprehensive resource center, including forms, checklists and tools, Employee Handbook Builder.
  • Learn Pro – 200+ online courses – Unlimited use, money-saving way to add training for HR staff.
  • Mobile app – Access your ThinkHR resources from anywhere.
TECHNOLOGY Custom-tailored solutions to streamline HR functions from enrollment through administration.


We offer our clients methods to streamline HR functions for enrollment and administration.

For new clients, we consult and analyze needs, and then match needs with technology vendors to meet those needs. We provide active quality control over existing vendors of technology and administrative services, to hold them accountable.

Our services include:

-Actively working with clients and their existing technology vendors to ensure administrative systems are functioning, data files are working properly, and accurate information is transferred.

-Conducting regular audits of system and carrier data.

-Assisting in identification and evaluation of any future technology needs and solutions.

WELLNESS Transformative programs to help employers translate wellness into savings without reducing benefits.


Our recognized leadership in healthcare consumerism and wellness are core competencies that are important to your continued development as an employer of choice.

We assist our clients in further engaging and empowering their employees in health programs. We have proven our abilities in this area through numerous client successes and recognition within the industry, our region and nationally.

We are also an advocate for our clients with an emphasis on integrating health improvement and wellness programs to both lower costs and improve employee health.

We have led the industry by developing Trend Neutralizer, an exclusive program that attaches real value to consumerism and wellness programs.  The level of employee engagement in a defined set of “best practices” determines the reduction in the employer’s medical trend factor on renewal premiums.  The greater the employee engagement, the greater the savings, and employers who follow the Trend Neutralizer best practices are guaranteed savings.

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